The club operates it's own Order of Merit and Ranking system for it's members in line with the PGA methodolgy.

The 2019 Order of Merit

The Jamiesonn Trophy is awarded to the golfer who tops the Order of Merit list, this displays the total accumulated points each golfer has won for the current year. Our golfing year finishes on completion of the Club Finals Day, where upon a new one begins.
Click the logo above for the current Order of Merit list or here for the 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, or 2013 standings.

The Ranking System Explained

Each of our top 200 ranked players are given a value. When the player enters a competition these values are totalled, this value in turn returns a value from a competition points table and allocates the points for 1st place equalling 100%. Points are then reduced down through the field.

7th=18% through to 1% for 65th.

This doesn't apply for the 4 Majors (100) or The Players Championship (80) where the points are fixed respectively.
The club Majors (100 points) are The Captains Charity Rose Bowl Qualifier, The Presidents Trophy, The Scott Greenway, The Claret Jug & The Par 3 Championship (80 points).

How An Individual Players Ranking Score Is Calculated

Each player accumulates ranking points over a two year "rolling" period however, only the most recent 52 event are calculated.
Points awarded for each event are maintained for a 13-week period thereby placing additional emphasis on recent performances, they are then reduced in equal decrements for the remaining 91 weeks of the two year period.
The player is then ranked according to this sub-total of points by a minimum divisor of 40 upto the maximum of 52 events played.
Names in BLUE denote the player to have won a competition this year.
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